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Make Your Grad Photos Stand Out with These Epic Ideas

May 25, 2023 | Graduation

Make Your Grad Photos Stand Out with These Epic Ideas | Thino Photography

Make Your Grad Photos Stand Out with These Epic Ideas

Graduating is a momentous occasion, and it deserves to be celebrated in style. At Thino Photography, we know just how important it is to capture this milestone in your life with beautiful photographs. Whether you’re a graduating senior in high school or a college student, we have plenty of ideas to make your grad photos stand out. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Add Props

Adding props to your photos can make them more personalized and unique to your interests. Bring along your favorite book, instrument, or even your pet to make your photos truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Find a Unique Location

The location of your grad photos can make all the difference. Instead of taking them on campus or at a typical park, try finding a lesser-known location or somewhere that holds special meaning to you.

3. Wear Something Different

Your college t-shirt may be your go-to for class, but for your grad photos, try wearing something a little more special. A cute sundress or a suit and tie can make you feel extra confident and polished.

4. Embrace Nature

Don’t be afraid to embrace nature during your shoot. Whether it’s posing near a river or climbing a tree, incorporating nature can make for some stunning photos.

5. Bring a Friend

Having a friend or two accompany you during your shoot can help to ease any nerves and add some fun to the experience. Plus, it can make for some great candid shots!

At Thino Photography, we offer elegant and beautiful photographs captured for students to celebrate their achievements. Our lead photographer is an alumnus of UCA and has more than 200+ sessions of graduation under his belt. If you’re graduating soon and want to make sure your photos stand out, reach out to us and schedule your session. We can’t wait to capture this special moment for you.

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