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Bridal bliss: How to achieve perfect wedding photography for a fairytale wedding.

May 4, 2023 | Wedding

Bridal Bliss: How to Achieve Perfect Wedding Photography for a Fairytale Wedding

As a wedding photographer based in Central Arkansas, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of capturing the magical moments of a couple’s special day. The photographs are not only cherished memories but a reminder of the love and commitment shared on that day. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect wedding photography for a fairytale wedding.

Choosing the Right Photographer

The first step in achieving perfect wedding photography is choosing the right photographer for your needs. At Thino Photography, our goal is to provide elegant and beautiful photographs that capture your special day in its entirety. Look for a photographer that has experience in capturing memorable weddings and whose style fits with your vision.

Engagement or Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

An engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot is an excellent way to get comfortable in front of the camera and familiarize yourself with the photographer’s style. It can also be an opportunity to take photos in different locations and outfits, creating a diverse set of shots. At Thino Photography, we include a pre-wedding photoshoot with all of our packages as a way to get to know our couples better and capture the unique aspects of their love story.

Location and Lighting

Choosing the right location and lighting is crucial to achieving the perfect wedding photographs. As a photographer, I always scout the location beforehand to see which spots have the best lighting and backdrops. It is also essential to consider the time of day and weather conditions to ensure the best lighting and avoid any potential setbacks. At Thino Photography, we work with our couples to find the perfect location for their wedding day and ensure that the lighting complements their style and vision.

Candid Shots and Posed Shots

A balance of candid shots and posed shots creates a diverse set of photographs that captures the beauty and emotion of the day. Candid shots capture the spontaneous moments of the day, while posed shots ensure that your best side is captured. As a photographer, I ensure that I capture both types of shots, and at Thino Photography, we work with our couples to determine which poses and shots suit them best.

Editing and Delivery

The final step in achieving perfect wedding photography is editing and delivery. Editing highlights the most beautiful aspects of the photographs and ensures that they are ready for print or digital use. At Thino Photography, we provide our couples with edited high-resolution images that are ready to cherish forever.

In conclusion, achieving perfect wedding photography requires a combination of choosing the right photographer, location, and lighting, balancing candid and posed shots, and excellent editing. Here at Thino Photography, we are committed to providing you with elegant and unforgettable photographs that capture your love story. Contact us today to discuss how we can create beautiful images of your special day.